We champion small businesses with mighty ambition

The beginning of our small but mighty journey

After hibernating indoor for two months, we wonder how our friends at the local stores — Chris who always gives the best wine recs and Aunt Julia who never fails to impress us with her vintage discovery — are weathering through physical distancing. On top of that, we also saw in the news that relief funds ain't enough and it's never easy for small businesses to navigate through mountains of resources on "how to build your online presence." We hear you.


That's why we made SML — to help good businesses do better.

Our hope is not just to get you through this crisis, but to provide resources so you can leverage online tools to bloom in your own unique way. 

We're Proud & Mind, two designers who marry visual creativity and product strategy to manifest founders' visions and speak to customers' hearts

We met 14 years ago during a lunch break in middle school and became friends since. When we thought we're so close that we couldn't get any closer, teaming up to support our favorite local businesses, especially during these trying times, convinced us otherwise. We spent many nights on Messenger call pouring our hearts and joy into the making of every aspect of this growing toolkit. 

We're currently looking for small businesses that got impacted by COVID19 who need our help. If you are a small business owner looking to turn crisis into an opportunity, to build a strong brand foundation for the long-term, check out Mentorship and apply.


If you are an individual who knows those who could benefit from what we do, please forward smlocal.biz to them or email us their contact information at smxlocal@gmail.com.

Proud Cholsaipan 
A visual designer with a branding whizz. She's a troublemaker who enjoys solving problems and loves sleeping outside.
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Mind Apivessa
A product strategist with on a mission to help creators bring ideas to the world. She loves architecture and finds many things cute.
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Hit her up at @mindapi / @_mindapi